Stampede City African Violet Society (SCAVS)

We are a non-profit organization promoting the education and culture of African Violets and other plants in the Gesneriad family.

If you are interested in growing African Violets, especially named hybrids, or other kinds of gesneriads, joining our society gives you a community of others growers to learn from and with, as well as easy access to obtaining gesneriad hybrids and species through trading or buying.

Russian semi-miniature trailer African violet
Streptocarpus hybrid
Streptocarpus is a very close relative to an African violet
Buckeye Seductress
Standard sized African violet

Latest Events and News

We are excited to announce that we are holding our 44th annual SHOW an SALE on May 11th, 2024 from 10:00am-4:00pm at greengate Garden Centers (14111 – Macleod Trail – Calgary, AB)