Buy Plants

African violets and some other gesneriads can be purchased in local greenhouses or big box stores, however, if you are looking for named hybrids of African Violets, you are unlikely to find these there.

The violets commonly sold in these places are known as “NOID” (no identification) because they don’t have their cultivar name.

If you are looking for named hybrids of African Violets or specialty gesneriads, our group is a great source for these in the local Calgary area.

The best way to obtain what you’re looking for is to join our membership as we have regular plant trades at our monthly meetings and it’s easy to find out who has the plants you’re looking for. However, if you’re not interesting in becoming a member at this time, there are other options as well.

Shows and Sales

Our group puts on a public Show and Sale every spring and usually has one other public sale in the fall. The Show and Sale in the spring is a great opportunity to purchase plants from our group members, as well as see some show-grown specimens.

Our fall sale, while not a show, is another great opportunity for the public to buy plants from our members.

Members Selling to the Public

Some of our members do sell to the public through their own business. Below is a list of members currently selling to the public along with their contact information.

Natalia Zaharia

Stephanie Sauer